Vertier Le Raisin Doré | 法國金葡萄朱古力

Hong Kong


Vertier Golden Raisin Chocolate | 法國金葡萄朱古力 Weight | 重量: 50 g Good quality is always the endorsement of persistence and expertise. Established in 1945, Bonbon Verdier creates all its products with the finest materials and handmade stylish manufacturing process. Each product is the result of passion and know-how that is transmitted over three Generations of the Verdier Family. We sure have to share this “Good Quality” with you! Le Raisin Doré is the masterpiece of Bonbon Verdier. Each well chosen golden grape is soaked in the aromatic French Sauternes sweet wine before wrapping with high quality chocolate. This perfect match will definitely give you an unforgettable taste. “優質” 一詞從來都是堅持及經驗的代言。由1945年起﹐法國Verdier 糖果廠一直堅持以最上乘的材料及工藝式的生產程序去製作糖果。每一粒糖果及朱古力都蘊含着Verdier 三代人對糖果製作的熱誠及匠心獨韻的經驗。這一份 “優質” 又怎能不與您分享? 這一顆金葡萄朱古力是Vedier糖果廠的得意力作。每一粒優質的金葡萄在採摘後都會放入芳香甘醇的法國甜酒內浸漬入味。入口即融的高質朱古力與散發着陣陣甘醇酒香的金葡萄結會成的Le Raisin Doré﹐您還忍得口嗎?