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Shell Spirax S6 ATF X


MTR Yuen Long Station (港鐵元朗站)


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描述 優勢 改善摩擦特性 幫助汽車傳動系統連續,可靠,平穩且無問題地運行。超高抗氧化性 防止油品降解並保持自動變速箱清潔。保證變速箱性能和長使用壽命。 優異的剪切穩定性 特殊粘度指數改進劑使粘度隨溫度變化較小,同時降低操作過程中油的粘度損失。 這種性能可確保油可用於現代車輛以及需要穩定性的舊車輛。 可靠的磨損和齒輪保護 延長部件使用壽命並在車輛使用壽命期間提供齒輪保護。 密封膨脹 包括密封膨脹器以確保在第一,第二或甚至多個自動變速器換油循環之後密封保持有效。 低溫性能 優異的油流動性保證了冷啟動性能和車輛在低溫下的平穩換檔。 應用 ·乘用車自動變速箱 ·商用車(重型)變速箱和液壓裝置 ·動力轉向裝置 Description Performance advantage · Improved friction characteristics • Helps the automotive transmission system to operate continuously, reliably, smoothly and without problems. Ultra high oxidation resistance · Prevent oil degradation and keep the automatic transmission clean. Guaranteed gearbox performance and long working life. ·Excellent shear stability The special viscosity index improver makes the viscosity change less with temperature, while reducing the viscosity loss of the oil during operation. This performance ensures that the oil can be used in modern vehicles as well as in older vehicles that require stability. ·Reliable wear and gear protection Extend component life and give gear protection during the life of the vehicle. ·Sealing expansion A seal expander is included to ensure that the seal remains in effect after the first, second or even multiple automatic transmission oil change cycles. ·Cryogenic performance The excellent fluidity of the oil guarantees the cold start performance and smooth shifting of the vehicle at low temperatures. main application · Passenger car automatic gearbox ·Commercial vehicle (heavy duty) gearbox and hydraulic device ·Power steering device

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發順豐站或智能櫃, 到付運費, 一般為HK$30-40, 最終視乎貨品重量而定.

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