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Precious Black Opal 黑色貴歐泊


Hong Kong





Click the link for Precious Black Opal video on Instagram: Precious Black Opal 黑色貴歐泊 Origin: Australia 產地: 澳洲 Size 大小: 16mm x 11mm x 5mm Cut 琢型: Oval Cabochon 橢圓卜面琢型 Weight 重量: 5.85ct / 卡 This is a natural Precious Opal. They show irregular iridescent colour patches. The iridescent colours usually change as the stone is tilted. This is known as the play-of-colour. 此寶石為天然貴歐泊。寶石呈現不規則的暈彩色斑。暈彩顏色常隨著寶石的傾斜而改變,這種現象稱為變彩。 General and workshop care: Opal is soft so should be treated with particular care. Clean by wiping with a damp or dry cloth only. Avoid: - doing anything that could cause abrasion, pressure or knocks - heat and dry / hot storage conditions; where possible store with moist cotton balls or a dish of distilled water to avoid dehydration which can lead to cracking and crazing - direct sunlight or other strong lights - chemicals / acids and detergents, including perfumes, hairspray and make-up, do not soak in jewellery cleaner as opal is porous - ultrasonic and steam cleaners - the jewellers' torch 一般及工廠注意事項: 歐泊很軟因此需要特別小心對待。僅可使用濕布或者乾布擦拭清潔。 避免: - 任何可能導致磨損,壓力或者敲擊的活動。 - 熱以及乾燥/高溫的儲藏條件,盡可能地與濕棉花球或者一碟蒸餾水一起儲藏,避免因為脫水而導致破裂或者龜裂。 - 陽光或者其他強光直接照射。 - 化學品/酸及清潔劑,包括香水、髮膠和化妝品,因為歐泊多孔,不要浸泡在珠寶清洗劑中。 - 超聲波清洗器以及蒸氣清洗器。 - 珠寶商使用的火槍。 Price: USD50(+shipping fee) / HKD380 /MOP390 Shipping information: -Free ground shipping on all orders of HKD1000 or more. -Free shipping to Macau on all orders of MOP1100 or more. -For Overseas order/shipment please PM for more details. Thank you. 運費資訊: -購滿HKD1000或以上於本地免運費。 -澳門地區購滿MOP1100或以上免運費。


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