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📦 產品介紹: 鐵灰色 高透六玻璃片藍膜鏡頭 f2.0大光圈 6G廣角魚眼 1200萬像素 WDR寬動態合成技術 循環錄影 移動偵測 停車監控 G-Sensor四軸重力感應 縮時錄影 🚛 交收方法 Ways of transaction : 包郵 (只限運送到順豐速遞自取點或智能櫃) Postage included (only deliver to S.F. Stores Locations or EF Locker) (1) 銀行轉帳過戶 (過戶口後需出示銀行過數紙) ATM/Bank Transfer (customers need to show the payment receipt after transferring money) (2) Soda Pop iShop 向代理商訂貨 Soda Pop iShop will place order to the agents. (3) 約2-4個工作日,商品到貨後,客服聯絡客戶交收 About 2-4 days upon the arrival of ordered products, CS will contact customers for transaction. 📝 確認訂單方法 Order confirmation: 如需購買商品,請在購買頁面的右下角位置,按'依家就買',之後再按'出價',並與 Soda Pop iShop 客戶服務部聯絡確認訂單。 If customers want to buy any products, please click “BUY NOW” at the bottom right corner of the page of purchase, then place “OFFER”, and contact Soda Pop iShop CS to confirm the order. ☝🏻如有任何查詢,請與 Soda Pop iShop 客戶服務部聯絡,謝謝! Should you have any inquiries, please contact Soda Pop iShop CS, thank you! 🇭🇰香港商店,支持正版正貨! Local shop of Hong Kong, supports only official and authentic products! ✉ E-mail : 📲WeChat : soda_pop_ishop 📱Whatsapps: 56652914 ☎ Office : 56652914 *圖片只供參考 * Photos for reference only