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Motul Sport 5W40 5 Litres 5 公斤


MTR Yuen Long Station (港鐵元朗站)


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描述 Motul Sport 5w40是一種非常高性能的100%合成酯基油,適用於現代(和高度調整)的渦輪增壓馬達,配方相當於Motul著名的300V油。 Motul Sport提供最大的保護,防止發動機磨損,油燃燒,氧化和高應力發泡,同時提供增強的發動機響應和性能,穩定的油壓和堅固的油膜強度。如果您對汽車有很多需求,Motul Sport就是可以使用的油。 為了獲得一點技術,與其他合成油相比的主要優勢是Motul的酯類油是極化的,也就是說它們是磁化的。它們被金屬吸引並形成電化學鍵,而較少的油僅在工作溫度下形成潤滑膜。 Esters在金屬部件上留下了一層油分子,在啟動過程中提供了極好的潤滑 - 大多數發動機都受損。這種油膜還有助於在油壓下降的情況下防止發動機故障(這就是為什麼商用噴氣式飛機使用合成的酯類潤滑劑)。 其中一個最大的優點是酯類在高溫下也具有更高的化學穩定性和油膜強度。較少的油在超過其工作溫度,碳化和粘附於組件時會蒸發。即使在油燃燒的極端情況下,酯類也不會在電機中留下沉積物。 Motul還為Sport增加了特殊的消泡性能,這對於高度調諧的電機非常重要。這改善了極端應力下電機的潤滑和冷卻,使這些油成為軌道工作和激烈的道路駕駛的特別好的選擇。 Motul的Sport 5w40結合了最好的基礎油和最好的添加劑,以及使用特殊類型的專利成分混合技術,使其產品優於目前市場上的任何產品。這就是我們出售,使用和推薦Motul油的原因。 Description Motul Sport 5w40 is a very high performance, 100% synthetic Ester-based oil for modern (and highly tuned) turbocharged motors, formulated to be the road equivalent of Motul's famous 300V oil. Motul Sport provides the greatest protection against engine wear, oil burn, oxidation, and high-stress foaming, while providing enhanced engine response and performance with stable oil pressure and robust oil film strength. Motul Sport is the oil to use if you demand a lot from your car. To get a little technical, the main advantage over other synthetic oils is that Motul’s Ester oils are polarised, which is to say that they are magnetised. They are attracted to metals and form an electro-chemical bond, whereas lesser oils only form a lubricating film at operating temperatures. The Esters leave a film of oil molecules over metal components, providing far superior lubrication during start-up -- where most engine damaged is caused. This film of oil also helps safeguard from engine failure in situations where there is a drop in oil pressure (which is why commercial jet planes use synthetic Ester-based lubricants). One of the biggest advantages is that Esters also have far greater chemical stability and oil film strength in high temperatures. Lesser oils evaporate when they exceed their operating temperature, carbonising and sticking to components. Even in the extreme scenario where the oil is burned, Esters do not leave deposits in the motor. Motul also add special anti-foaming properties to the Sport, which is important for highly tuned motors. This improves the lubrication and cooling of the motor under extreme stress, making these oils a particularly good choice for track work and spirited road driving. Motul’s Sport 5w40 combines the best base stock with the best additives, as well as using a special type of proprietary ingredient blending technique that makes their products superior to anything currently on the market today. This is why we sell, use, and recommend Motul oils.

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