Meiji amino collagen明治膠原蛋白粉

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全新 after the age of 20. Collagen helps to restore skin elasticity and diminish fine lines. Therefore, replenishing generous amounts of collagen is a shortcut to maintaining a youthful appearance. Meiji Amino Collagen is made by high quality of fish collagen peptide, it contains very low calories. The benchmark amount is 5000 mg, because about one-third of the amount of protein we need per day, one spoon (7g) per day is strongly recommended. how to use it Take one spoon of powder into cup and mix with juice or water. country of origin Japan 日本熱銷No.1 的 meiji明治膠原蛋白粉 ★100%使用低分子化且人體容易吸收的魚膠原蛋白,分子量僅5000道爾敦 ★添加葡萄糖胺、胺基酸(L-精胺酸)以及維生素C,有助於美容效果,不加砂糖熱量僅27大卡 ★一天一匙即可補充魚膠原蛋白5000毫克,符合人體一日所需 日本官網 :



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