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Luxury Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver - 高級藍芽5.0音樂接收器 - S06240


2 months ago by jack_jack0130








使用手冊 規格: 藍芽版本:Bluetooth V5.0 頻率範圍:2.4GHz-2.480GHz 傳輸功率:CLASS2 藍芽範圍:≦10米 藍芽協議:HFP HSP A2DP AVRCP 工作電壓:DC 3.0-4.2 V 工作電流:≤19Ma 工作時間:約6H 內置鋰電池:110mAH 充電電壓:DC+5V 充電時間:約2H specification: Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.0 Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.480GHz Output power class: CLASS2 Bluetooth range: ≦ 10 meters Bluetooth protocol: HFP HSP A2DP AVRCP Working voltage: DC 3.0-4.2 V Working current: ≤19Ma Working time: about 6H Battery capacity: 110mAH Charging voltage: DC+5V Charging time: about 2H 產品圖解Product illustration 1. 效果圖:1. Effect picture: 1 開機/關機; 暫停/播放; 接聽/掛斷電話... 2 下一曲/音量+ 3 上一曲/音量- 4 USB充電口 5 指示燈 6 麥克風 7 立體聲音頻輸出 Product Diagram 1 power on/off; pause/play; answer/hang up call... 2 next song / volume + 3 previous song / volume - 4 USB charging port 5 indicator 6 microphone 7 stereo audio output 開機:長按 “ ” 約2秒,藍芽設備自動開機,紅燈長亮1秒後指示燈閃爍; 關機:長按 “ ” 鍵3秒,紅燈長亮1秒後藍芽設備自動關機; Power on: Press and hold “ ” for about 2 seconds, the Bluetooth device will automatically turn on, and the indicator will flash after the red light is on for 1 second. Power off: Press and hold the “ ” button for 3 seconds. After the red light is on for 1 second, the Bluetooth device will automatically shut down. 藍芽模式 使用說明: 1. 用3.5mm音頻線將設備連接到家用功放/車載音響/立體聲耳機; 2. 藍芽設備與手機進行配對連接; 3. 連接成功後可以通過功放車載音響/立體聲耳機欣賞手機的音樂或免提通話; Bluetooth mode Instructions for use: 1. Connect the device to a home amplifier/car stereo/stereo headset with a 3.5mm audio cable; 2. Pair the receiver with the mobile phone; 3. After the connection is successful, you can enjoy the music or hands-free calling of the mobile phone through the amplifier car stereo/stereo headphones; 配對連接手機: 1.首次使用,設備需要與手機配對連接; 2.開機後,藍芽紅藍燈交替閃爍,設備自動進入配對模式; 3.打開手機藍芽功能,搜索到藍芽設備名“BT09B”選中並連接; 4.如果需要可以輸入“0000”密碼; 5.連接成功後藍燈將會間歇慢閃; Pair with your phone: 1. Before using the receiver for the first time, you must pair it with your phone; 2. After booting up, the red and blue lights flash alternately, and the device automatically enters the pairing mode; 3. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, search the Bluetooth device and seclect "BT09B" and connect; 4. Enter the code “0000” if needed. 5. If pairing is successful, the indicator light flash will flash blue slowly. 連接兩個手機: 1. A手機連接成功後,打開B手機的藍芽功能,搜索到藍芽設備名“BT09B”選 中並連接; 2. B手機連接成功後,設備就可以同時連接上兩個手機; 註:連接成功後再次開機,設備將自動連接到最後一次連接的手機。(但要確保設備開機前,手機的藍芽功能是打開的) Connection to two smartphones 1. Pair the bluetooth receiver to the first phone. 2. After pairing successfully, turn off the bluetooth function of the first phone. 3. It will enter pairing mode again. 4. Pair the bluetooth receiver to the second phone. 5. After pairing successfully, turn on the bluetooth function of the first phone. Two phone will both connect the bluetooth receiver at the same time. Note: After the connection is successful and the phone is turned on again, the device will automatically connect to the last connected phone. (But make sure the phone's Bluetooth function is turned on before the device is turned on) 雙方通話操作: 接聽來電:短按“ ”鍵接聽來電; 掛斷電話:短按“ ”鍵掛斷當前通話; 拒接來電:長按1秒“ ”鍵拒接來電; 電話回撥:雙擊“ ”鍵回撥第一個手機的最後撥打電話; 通話切換:當雙方通話時,長按“ ”鍵一秒,可以在手機和 設備之間相互切換通話; 通話時來電:1.短按“ ”鍵,掛斷當前通話,接聽新來電; 2.長按“ ”鍵,當前通話切到等待接聽,接聽新來電; 三方通話時:1.短按“ ”鍵,掛斷當前通話,切換到另一個電話; 2.長按“ ”鍵,相互切換兩個手機的通話; Two-party call operation: Answer the call: short press the “ ” button to answer the call; Hang up the call: short press the " " button to hang up the current call; Reject the call: Press and hold the “ ” button for 1 second to reject the call; Call back: Double-click the “ ” button to call back the last call of the first phone; Call switching: When the two parties are talking, long press the " " button for one second, you can Switching between the phone and bluetooth receiver Call during call: 1. Short press “ ” button to hang up the current call and answer the new call; 2. Press and hold the “ ” button, the current call is cut to wait , and the new call is answered. During a three-way call: 1. Short press the “ ” button to hang up the current call and switch to another call; 2. Press and hold the “ ” button to switch the calls of two mobile phones to each other; 播放音樂: 暫停/播放: 短按“ ”鍵; 下一曲:短按“+”鍵; 上一曲:短按“-”鍵; 音量加:長按“+”鍵;(通話也可以短按“+”鍵) 音量減:長按“-”鍵;(通話也可以短按“-”鍵) play music: Pause/play: Short press the " " button; Next song: Short press the "+" button; Previous song: Short press the "-" button; Volume plus: long press the "+" button; (call can also short press the "+" button) Volume minus: long press "-" button; (call can also short press "-" button) 打開/關閉3D立體聲: 音樂播放模式:同時長按“+ -”鍵1秒,打開3D立體聲; 音樂播放模式:同時短按“+ -”鍵,關閉3D立體聲; Turn on/off 3D stereo effect: Music playback mode: Press and hold the "+ -" button for 1 second to turn on 3D stereo; Music playback mode: Press the “+ -” button at the same time to turn off 3D stereo; 語音助手: 長按“ ”鍵約1秒鐘,打開或關閉手機語音助手功能; 清除藍芽配對列表: 關機狀態,長按“ ” 鍵大約8秒直到紅藍燈同時長亮1秒; voice assistant: Press and hold the “ ” button for about 1 second to turn the phone voice assistant function on or off. Clear the Bluetooth pairing list: In the off state, press and hold the “ ” button for about 8 seconds until the red and blue lights are on for 1 second at the same time; 低電報警: 當電池低電時,藍芽設備會自動報警,紅燈快閃;如果電池低於3.0V設備將會自動關機。 設備充電: 當設備低電或不能開機時,可以通過USB線輸入直流5V電源充電;充電時紅燈長亮;電池充滿時紅燈自動熄滅; Low-Voltage alert: When the alert tone sounds every minutes and the indicator light turns into red, indicating that the battery has run out, needs to charge it as soon as possible. if the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the device will automatically shut down. Charging the receiver: You must charge the receiver fully before using the receiver for the first time. 1. Connect the USB charging cable to the USB charge port of the receiver. Do not use charger over 5V to charge product, it may destroy the product. 2. The light indicator will turn into red when charging. 3. The red light indicator goes out when charging is completed. 注意事項: (1)產品工作電壓為+5V;禁止輸入過高或過低的電源,避免設備工作異常或產品損壞。 (2) 因藍芽的無線信號會受到周圍物體阻擋和吸收,在使用中儘量放置在與藍芽連接設備的無障礙位置,這樣可以享受更優質的音樂。 Precautions: (1) The working voltage of the product is +5V; it is forbidden to input the power supply that is too high or too low to avoid abnormal operation of the equipment or product damage. (2) Because the wireless signal of Bluetooth will be blocked and absorbed by surrounding objects, it should be placed in the barrier-free position as much as possible, so that you can enjoy better music.


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