DreamScience Brainwave-oriented Sleep Oregon Scientific 鐘 鬧鐘 助眠

Hong Kong


Creates 20 music Helps you sleep Acts as a clock and alarm Has 6 different lightings and alarm Fulfilling Sleep. Refreshed Morning DreamScience combines two leading clinically proven technologies that soothe your mind unconsciously for more satisfying slumber, while waking you naturally with brainwaves. Together, aided by the soft glow of mood lights, these technologies relax body and mind, allowing you to fall into a more fulfilling and satisfying sleep. The secret of daytime functioning Sleep quality has great impact on your quality of life and how well you function throughout the day. The technologies utilized by DreamScience let you reset your sleep routine, helping to reduce stress, restore energy and improve your focus. Chill to your own personal soundscape Choose from DreamScience’s 20 bulit-in soundscapes or use the audio line-in to play music from another device, and find the sound that best soothes your weary mind. Make a stylish statement The sleek round design invites admiration, and together with the multi-hued mood lighting and sound, it turns any room into a chic and relaxing retreat. Includes Clinically Proven Brainwave Embedded Sounds composed by Dr Lee Bartel, Ph. D. Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Music Education and Music and Health, and Founding and Acting Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) at University of Toronto. His involvement in researcth in music and medicine includes rehabilitation of attention deficits, audiology and stress management. 20 clinically proven sound. Creating a peaceful harmony.



Hong Kong

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