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Carousell x IPMC 刊登車盤 驗車即減$300!List a car and enjoy $300 off car inspection fee!

Carousell x IPMC 刊登車盤 驗車即減$300!List a car and enjoy $300 off car inspection fee!


over 3 months ago by carousell_hk




話咁快又一年,又係時候拎架車去驗一驗!Carousell聯同IPMC(國際專業驗車中心)推出驗車優惠 - 只要喺Carousell刊登車盤,就可以以$1000優惠價驗車(原價$1300),幫你慳足$300! 無論係想買二手車,抑或是想做一次汽車年檢,機會嚟啦!即刻睇下點樣換領優惠! Step 1: 刊登車盤,並喺產品名加上標籤(#IPMC2019),並上載至少4張照片,包括車頭、車尾、車廂內以及車胎。內容越詳細、圖片越清晰,會更容易贏取優惠! *是次優惠只限私人車盤 Step 2: 車盤通過核實後,我哋會透過私訊,向用戶發送「預約表格」。 Step 3: 填妥表格後,會有專人聯絡確認驗車時間,到時記得出示返Carousell App,即可享有$300優惠! *優惠只限於款式: 2500c.c.以下日本車:Toyota、Mazda、Honda、Nissan 2000c.c.以下歐洲車:Benz、BMW、Audi、Volkswagen 高性能車及超級跑車不包括在優惠活動內。 Whether you are looking for car inspection service before buying a used car, or your car needs to undergo the annual vehicle examination soon, here comes the chance! Carousell and IPMC are now offering a discount - list a car on Carousell and enjoy a car inspection service by IPMC at only $1000 (worth $1300)! Step 1: List a car and include the hashtag (#IPMC2019) in the product name and upload at least 4 photos of your car in the listing, including the front, back, inside the car and the tyre. More detailed description and clearer photos will help you to win the offer more easily! *Only cars of direct owners are eligible Step 2: After we verified your listing, we will send a form of appointment via chat. Step 3: After submitting the form, we will contact you shortly and confirm the appointment. Remember to show your Carousell app upon arrival to enjoy $300 discount! *The discount is only applicable to the following models: 2500c.c. or below: Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Nissan 2000c.c. or below: Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen Sports sedans and supercars are not eligible for the discount. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 條款及細則 (Terms & Conditions) 刊登產品必須為刊登者所擁有,而並非複印自互聯網或其他來源。 All uploaded listings must be original and cannot be copied or used from the Internet or other sources. 刊登車輛必須至少有4張照片,包括車頭、車廂、車尾和車胎部分。 Please include at least 4 pictures per listing, including the front , inside, back and tyre of the car. 每個帳戶只可於同一次推廣期內獲得獎賞 1 次,得獎資格根據Carousell核實而定。 During the promotion, each person can only be rewarded once maximum. Award eligibility will be judged by verification from Carousell. 如有爭議,Carousell和國際專業驗車中心(IPMC)保留最終決定權,不得異議。 Should any disputes arise, Carousell’s and IPMC’s determination of the winners shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.

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