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  • physical_bye886

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  • divstore

    本店專營搜羅歐洲/美國/英國/日本/印尼等之國家優質大小品牌,客人亦可來圖訂購指定貨品 ,歡迎買家來圖報價!👍產品多元化👍絕對正品正貨👍 優質保證👍 有興趣可以追蹤以下網址 或直接去網址參觀選購 或親身前往門市參觀選購 荃灣荃立方閣樓C15A 歡迎大家查詢 Tel/Whatsapp:55961015

Carousell x GoGoWash 免費幫你換偈油!List and Win Free Oil Change Service!


1 month ago by carousell_hk




*活動已結束,記得去carousell_cars_hk睇得獎名單啦!* 一年之始、萬象更新,GoGoWash 夥拍 Carousell 特別為你獻上豬年首個超筍優惠 - 免費替你愛駒換偈油(費用包括4升日本入口RIZING偈油,人工及手續費,價值$488),名額 30 個!想贏取獎品,即刻跟以下步驟參加抽獎啦! 步驟一: 2月15至21號期間,喺車分類嘅「車輛放售」刊登車盤 *只限2500c.c.以下的私人車盤 *2500c.c.以上、車行以及「車行放售」類別車盤將不計算在內 步驟二: 刊登車盤時,上載至少4張照片,包括車頭、車尾、車廂內以及車胎。清楚拍攝車輛,我哋更容易核實! 步驟三: 完成刊登後即自動參加抽獎,名額30個!得獎者名單會喺2月25號公佈同私訊通知! As the first giveaway in the Year of the Pig, Carousell and GoGoWash are now giving away free oil change service (worths $488, including 4L of RIZING oil, service and handling charge) to cars of 30 lucky winners! Follow the steps below and join our giveaway now! Step 1: From 15th to 21st Feb, list a car under ‘Direct Owner’ in the Cars category *Only 2500c.c. cars of direct owners are eligible *Cars over 2500c.c., listed by car dealers or under ‘Car Dealer’ will not be counted Step 2: Upload at least 4 photos of your car in the listing, including the front, back, inside the car and the tyre. The listing will be verified more easily if the photos are clearly captured! Step 3: After listing your car, you are automatically enrolled to the lucky draw! The promotion only limits to 30 winners! The winner list will be posted on 25th Feb. Winners will receive notification via Chat. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 條款及細則 (Terms & Conditions) 刊登產品必須為刊登者所擁有,而並非複印自互聯網或其他來源。 All uploaded listings must be original and cannot be copied or used from the Internet or other sources 刊登車輛必須至少4張照片,包括車頭、車廂、車尾和車胎部分 Please include at least 4 pictures per listing, including the front , inside, back and tyre of the car. 每個帳戶只可於同一次推廣期內獲得獎賞 1 次,得獎資格根據Carousell核實而定 During the promotion, each person can only be rewarded once maximum. Award eligibility will be judged by verification from Carousell. 如有爭議,Carousell保留最終決定權 Should any disputes arise, Carousell’s determination of the winners shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.

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