Almost new branded accessories : AX bracelet, TIFFANY 925 ring & bangle. Guaranteed authentic. Leave PM AX真皮手鐲, TIFFANY純銀戒指和TIFFANY純銀手鐲。保證原裝正品


11. a. AX ARMANI EXCHANGE stainless steel black stitched leather watch. As watch not working, needles removed for wearing as branded bracelet. Near new with original box. Bought HK$1980+. Now HK$185. b. TIFFANY vintage Elsa Perreti’s Open Heart sterling silver ring, size 5. With original pouch. TIFFANY shop now selling HK$2,100. Here HK$850. c. TIFFANY vintage Infinity sterling silver bangle large size. With original pouch. TIFFANY Shop now selling HK$5,800. Here HK$2,350. Priority is given to fast trading in CWB (anytime). All sales are final. For my full collections, see my album below and share with your friends :



Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Trade at other MTR stations to be arranged.