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🚘 買車保即減$100 - 即可獲得 $300 SHELL 及 $50 旅遊保險 電子禮券

🚘 買車保即減$100 - 即可獲得 $300 SHELL 及 $50 旅遊保險 電子禮券


2 weeks ago by carousell_cars_hk






🚘 買車保即減$100 - 即可獲得 $300 SHELL 及 $50 旅遊保險 電子禮券 Save $100 off your car insurance & receive instant SHELL + travel insurance vouchers
 SCROLL MORE FOR DETAILS: =========================== 由即日起至2019年3月31日,透過Carousell指定連結成功在中國平安(香港)網站投汽車保險即減 $100,及可獲得Carousell 送出HK$300 Shell 電子油券和$50 中國平安保險(香港) 旅遊保險電子禮券* 獲得HK$300 Shell 電子油券及$50中國平安保險(香港)旅遊保險電子禮券方法: 1. 按下Carousell 平台內指定的連結進行報價及投保,在投保程序中必須在「推廣碼」一欄內確保有顯示(CRSHK2020)推廣碼。 2. 如投保成功後,請到以下連結: 填簡單資料以作核實之用。 3. Carousell 會在核對後一星期內送出$300 Shell 電子油券。 4. $50中國平安保險(香港)旅遊保險電子禮券將會在成功投報後由中國平安保險(香港)送出。 *優惠受條款及細則約束, 活動只適用新投保客戶 條款及細則: 1. 需由中國平安(香港)及Carousell HK核實後才會送出HK$300 Shell 電子油券及$50中國平安保險(香港)電子禮券。 2. 需按下Carousell 平台內的指定連結進行報價及投保,在投保程序中的「推廣碼」一欄內確保有顯示(CRSHK2020)推廣才視有效。 3. 成功投條保後,必須填寫有關表格才可以拎取送出的HK$300 Shell 電子油券。 4. 所有獎品不得轉讓、更換、退回、兌換現金或其他獎品。 5. 如有任何爭議,本公司保留最終決定權 Until the 31st of March 2020, save $100 off your car insurance through China Ping An Insurance (HK). Successful applicants will receive an ADDITIONAL $300 SHELL & $50 travel insurance voucher* Steps; 
1. Click “Buy Now” and input [CRSHK2020] to receive a $100 instant discount from your car insurance 2. Fill in the simple redemption form 3. Successful applicants will receive $300 Shell and $50 Ping An Insurance (HK) vouchers within a week *Subject to terms and conditions, only applicable to new applicants Terms & Conditions 1 . Promotion and offer is only applicable through Carousell and China Ping An Insurance (HK) during the promotion period. 2. Applicants are only eligible for vouchers through confirmed and successful applications through China Ping An Insurance (HK) with the code (CRSHK2020) 3. Successful applicants must fill in the redemption form to be eligible for voucher redemption 4. Vouchers cannot not be exchanged in cash or in kind. 5. Should any disputes arise, Carousell’s determination of the winners shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims will be entertained. ===========================

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