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(香港製造!) 超過半世紀香港手製藍色古董玻璃油燈 / (Made in Hong Kong!) More Than Half A Century Old Hong Kong Hand Made Blue Antique Glass Oil Lamp


MTR Kam Sheung Road Station (港鐵錦上路站)


Mailing · Meetup



Hand Made Proudly In Hong Kong Is This More Than Half A Century Old Antique Glass Oil Lamp In Blue. This oil lamp has never been used before and is very well kept; however, natural oxidization did occur in some if not all parts of the burner. The base has some special patterns which makes this oil lamp truly one of a kind. Made In Hong Kong was written on the bottom of the base. Since this oil lamp is all hand made, do not expect the surface or the burner to be perfectly smooth or shiny. 這個在香港全手製超過半世紀的古董藍色玻璃油燈, 保存得非常好及從未用過! 部分的burner 有正常天然氧化的痕跡! 在油燈座上有一些特別的圖案, 令這油燈別樹一格! 而在油燈的底部有寫上"Made In Hong Kong"的字樣! 由於這油燈是全手掣, 油燈的表面或burner不會是完全光滑! This oil lamp stands 12 1/2" tall and with a diameter at its widest point of 4" 這油燈有12 1/2" 高,而最闊點有4" (USB copper wire mini string lights with on/off switch - choice of warm white or cold white bulbs) * 5V USB charger is not included (USB迷你銅線串燈連開關按鈕 - 可選擇暖白或冷白燈) * 5V USB充電器不包括在內 All the oil lamps sold in our online shop were hand-made either in the 60s or the 70s. Please note the metal parts of the oil lamp may have different levels of natural oxidization. 我們網店出售的全新手造油燈, 大部分都是六、七十年代的產品。(註:請注意金屬部分有不到程度的氧化。) Please feel free to ask any questions you may have! 如有任何問題,請隨時聯絡我! Thank you for looking! 謝謝! Disclaimer - ALTHOUGH THIS IS AN ACTUAL OIL LAMP, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING IT FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSE ONLY; THEREFORE, WICK IS NOT INCLUDED! WE DO NOT RECOMMEND LIGHTING IT IN ANY WAY. LIGHT IT AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY LIGHTING THIS OIL LAMP. 免責聲明 - 雖然呢一支係真正嘅油燈, 但係我哋提議只用作裝飾之用, 所以棉芯不會包括在內! 我們不建議用任何方式燃點這油燈,如因此而做成任何意外或損傷,我們一概恕不負責!


Kam Sheung Road MTR station. For other places to meet up, a delivery charge will incur based on the MTR roundtrip fares originated from Kam Sheung Road station. You can go to to check on the exact delivery charge / fares. Kindly make the payment before meet-up to avoid no show! Please send a picture of the bank payment transfer receipt for proof! 錦上路站交收! 如在其他地點交收,運費會以來回錦上路西鐵站起計至約定嘅終點站收費為準! 你可上 查看收費! 請先付款以避免約好但不出現! 請發送銀行轉帳後的收據作為證明!


Mailing & Delivery

Use local courier for delivery; however, payment needs to be received before we could do so. We don't deliver to PO Box. Cost incurred for local delivery. No returns, exchanges or refunds. / 會以本地快遞送貨, 但必須收到款項才送貨! 我們不會送貨到P.O. Box! 本地送貨需額外收費! 貨物出門恕不退換或退款。

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