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迷你賽車遊戲 Mini Car Racing Game @ Car clubbing x Carousell

迷你賽車遊戲 Mini Car Racing Game @ Car clubbing x Carousell


over a year ago by carousell_cars_hk




*活動已結束,最後結果如下:* The final Top 10 are: 第一名 1st Prize:lapcarlton (0:18) 第二名 2nd Prize:pretty0709 (0:23) 第三名 3rd Prize:gnkei (0:32) 第四名 4th Prize:alan12389 (0:33) 第五名 5th Prize:ky.yip (1:20) 第六名 6th Prize:beeman888 (1:45) 第七名 7th Prize:garylo23 (2:34) 第八名 8th Prize:ronnielo0304 (2:44) 第九名 9th Prize:fourng78 (2:45) 第十名 10th Prize:sugaryiu (4:45) 恭喜以上十位用家!我哋會喺27號(星期三)私訊你哋安排獎品換領! Congratulations to the above winners! We will notify you about the prize redemption via Chat on 27th March (Tuesday)! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 嚟緊3月24號《車主》雜誌會主辦第一屆全港車聚 The First Hong Kong Car Clubbing!活動當日做齊以下步驟,就可以玩遊戲同換領精美禮品! Step 1:下載Carousell手機應用程式,並註冊成為用家 Download app & open account Step 2:開啟程式,到車分類頁面並搜尋#cc1 Click on the Cars category from the main homepage and search #cc1 Step 3:找出「迷你賽車遊戲」,按心心以及開始遊戲 Find the “Car clubbing x Carousell ” listing, like and play the game Step 4:完成遊戲後,即可獲得精美水樽 或 車用香薰條一個! Finish game and get either an extra water bottle or a perfume stick 我哋會記錄你嘅比賽時間,成功保持頭十名,更可以獲得免費油劵! Your racing time will be recorded. If you are one of the top 10 fastest racers at the end of the event, you can get free petrol coupons too! 頭十名,更可以獲得免費油劵!排名越高、獎品越豐厚!The higher your ranking is, the more coupons you can get! 第一至三名 1st- 3rd Prize:$200 第四至十名 4th-10th Prize:$100 記得27號返嚟呢個頁面,睇下自己有無上榜啦! Remember to check the top 10 list out in this listing page on 27 March! 詳情 Details: 日期 Date: 3月24日 (星期日) 時間 Time: 11:00 - 16:00 (公眾人士歡迎十二時後進場) 地點 Place: 新田購物城 The Boxes #cc1

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