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【送油券】車主專屬送禮 Giveaway

【送油券】車主專屬送禮 Giveaway


4 weeks ago by carousell_cars_hk




*活動已結束,合資格嘅用戶名單如下(排名不分先後):* jcchanhk superbigbag maddie edwardk0218 samwong682 ak_hip peter_ho234 wuying129 eden419 yiu007008 fishingclub soldsth 得獎者記得留意我哋私訊啦! ---------------------------------------- English please scroll down 由即日起到9月30號,做個簡單嘅調查問卷,就有機會贏到$100 Shell電子油券! 名額有30個! 表格連結: 填妥表格後,就有機會贏到$100 Shell電子油券! 我哋會喺活動完結後選出30位!10月4號會公佈得獎名單同私訊通知你哋! From now until the 30th of September, fill in the following Carousell questionnaire for your chance to win $100 Shell gas coupon ! (Limited to 30 winners)
 All lucky recipients will be contacted on the 4th of October for prize collection. Join now! Link: ------------------------------------------- 條款及細則: 1. 需完成所有步驟才符合資格。 2. 每名用戶只限填寫問卷一次,超過一次會被取消資格。 3. 合資格用戶最多只有一次中獎機會。 4. 只限香港用戶參加。 5. 所有獎品不得轉讓、更換、退回、兌換現金或其他獎品。 6. 如有任何爭議,Carousell HK保留最終決定權。 Terms & Conditions: 1. Must complete all the steps of the activity. 2. Users will be disqualified if finish the questionaire more than once. 3. During the promotion, each person can only be rewarded once maximum. Award eligibility will be judged by verification from Carousell. 4. Only Hong Kong users are eligible for the campaign 5. All prizes could not be exchanged in cash or in kind. 6. Should any disputes arise, Carousell’s determination of the winners shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.

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  • jcchanhk

    Very user unfriendly. I can’t access the form even registered!
    27 days ago
  • carousell_cars_hk

    @jcchanhk 已經update左個form 啦😉
    27 days ago

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