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【活動完結】Carousell 汽車分類全新2.0版面送大禮

【活動完結】Carousell 汽車分類全新2.0版面送大禮


4 months ago by carousell_cars_hk




*活動已結束,得獎嘅用户名單如下:* 大獎: jcchanhk 二獎: o33352003 三獎: yannicklam 三獎: wp6127 三獎: alphawai 四獎: mingaa6287 四獎: a123aos 四獎: alexaho62 四獎: bodyguardnt 四獎: bubble222 五獎: emily_999 五獎: tl2008 五獎: 五獎: 204647 五獎: lam33 得獎者記得留意我哋私訊啦! 多謝你哋一直支持Carousell 賣買汽車分類!我哋已經推出咗全新嘅2.0版面,為你哋帶嚟更好嘅服務同瀏覽體驗! 為咗慶祝新版面登場,Carousell將會送出總值HK$5,000嘅禮物🎁比大家! 禮物詳情: 大獎:Apple Watch Series 3 - GPS (1位) 價值HK$2,199 二獎:The Mira Hong Kong Yamm 自助晚餐電子禮券2張 (1位) 三獎:$300 Shell電子油券 (3位) 四獎:Carousell汽車福袋 (5位) 五獎:$100 Starbucks 禮物卡(5位) 活動日期:6月3號 - 6月9號 公佈得獎名單日期:6月12號 完成下面兩個簡單步驟,就會有機會贏取咁豐富嘅禮物! 1/ 留言2.0版面嘅一個新功能 2/ 搵出我哋其中一個合作伙伴,click入去,截圖同私訊我哋! 想知答案好簡單!除咗瀏覽Carousell 汽車分類之外,喺我哋Facebook "旋轉拍賣 Carousell HK 二手車交易群組” 入面都搵到答案㗎!仲唔快啲參加!! Thank you for your support on Carousell car category! To enrich your shopping and researching journey, we hereby to launch a latest layout at 2.0 version with numerous exclusive offers for you! To celebrate latest layout at 2.0 version, Carousell will giveaway a total amount of HK$5,000 for present! Details for presents: Grand Prize: Apple Watch Series 3 - GPS (1 Winner) Amount HK$2,199 Second Prize: The Mira Hong Kong Yamm buffet dinner E-voucher X2 (1 Winner) Third Price: $300 Shell E-voucher (3 Winners) Fourth Prize: Carousell Car Gift Set (5 Winners) Fifth Prize: $100 Starbucks Gift Card (5 Winners) Date:3rd June - 9th June Winner List:12th June Complete the following two steps and you will have a chance to win the present! 1/ Comment a new feature of 2.0 version in comment section 2/ Find out one of our partner, click their logo, cap screen and PM us! Want to know the answer? Go to our apps or our Facebook group "旋轉拍賣 Carousell HK 二手車交易群組” to find out the answer! Let’s join now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 條款及細則: 1. 需完成所有步驟才符合資格。 2. 每個帳戶只可於同一次推廣期內獲得獎賞 1 次,得獎資格根據Carousell核實而定。 3. 只限香港用戶參加。 4. Carousell會以留言新功能之詳細程度挑選得獎者。 5. 所有獎品不得轉讓、更換、退回、兌換現金或其他獎品。 6. 如有任何爭議,Carousell HK保留最終決定權。 Terms & Conditions: 1. Must completed all the steps of the activity. 2. During the promotion, each person can only be rewarded once maximum. Award eligibility will be judged by verification from Carousell. 3. Only Hong Kong users are eligible for the campaign 4. Carousell will select the winners according the details of the comment. 5. All prizes could not be exchanged in cash or in kind. 6. Should any disputes arise, Carousell’s determination of the winners shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims will be entertaine.

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  • shopssss_

    4 months ago
  • lchlsy

    加咗好多方便大家嘅新功能 例如貸款計算機及全新嘅版面分類等 希望抽到我啦😆😆
    4 months ago
  • lch_lg

    加咗貸款計算機嘅新功能 希望可以就到我啦(真係好想要🥺
    4 months ago

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