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❤️ 古董米奇 1930s 全球第一款 Vintage 1930s Very Rare Collectible First Mickey Mouse Watch. 這是原裝1935年版,不是這幾年出的懷舊版!米奇迷必要收藏!made in USA ! 這隻不是近幾年的懷舊版啊!


1 year ago by sometime.sometimes








👉🏼this is NOT 🙅🏼‍♀️the recent Mickey Mouse made in china version. It is the real original 1930 version ! 💁🏻‍♂️READ MORE HERE 👇🏼 Antique Mickey Mouse 1935 Manual Winding Original Watch with original box and Manual. In additional include the Mickey watch book with history or all Mickey Mouse watches in the century (130+ pages). Auction : “An original 1933 Mickey Mouse watch, from the Ingersoll-Waterbury Company, is priced at us$1,500 to us$2,500.” 非常罕有的一隻米奇老鼠錶, 1935年代款,是世界第一款米奇老鼠錶!較貴是因為此表的質量保全很好,有原盒和說明書😱!我會連埋本米奇手錶書作珍藏。 手動上錬,會行會走仲幾準時,六點鐘位置的三隻小米奇會氹氹轉,原裝錶帶,錶帶上的鐡片米奇依然帶有光澤。機心設計始於1914年,錶面32mm,是一隻錶迷和米奇迷必要收藏的一隻錶,深具歷史價值。市面前幾年推出過同款但是全新的米奇老鼠錶,是懷舊版,他們通常是中國、或日本製造的。不像這一隻美國製造1930版。 下面英文部份有一些連結,可以去睇睇,有一些是這錶剛剛出來的時候的廣告宣傳圖片。 Dedicated To All Mickey FAN's! Found in a watch fair in US years ago, this is one of the MOST rare and collectable original Mickey Mouse wrist watches that were made between 1933 and 1937. Laterly we found that this should be the 1935 version. This watch will only increase in value we are sure ! Read Information for Buyer below. Watch information Movement : With manual winding movement that is marked "July 2-18, Patented, Nov.14.22 Made In U.S.A." ⛔️we found many similar on some website showing similar watch but made in china or made in Japan which is definitely not this original version but the new retro version made in this decade. This watch is running well and keeping pretty good time for its age. Amazing 😱 White dial with black numbers, a picture of Mickey Mouse in the center with hour/minute hands that look like his arms and rotating sub second disc that has picture of Mickey Mouse. Spare part of hands can be purchased from eBay around hk$400-$500 if needed: eg Base metal case with base metal snap on back. Original leather band (this made it more valuable) with silver metal raised picture of Mickey Mouse on both top and bottom. Watch size measures 32 mm side to side and 38 mm. lug end to lug end. ⌚️Information for Buyer 👀 This is all original with the original band and perfect colorful dial and hands. This watch was made by the Ingersoll Watch Company. All watches of the first serie were powered by the Ingersoll hand winding pin lever caliber ; these movements dates from around 1914. First version of this watch was produced by Ingersoll watch company in 1933. The first version does not have "made in USA" on dial. Lately in 1935 they add back made in USA on dial. Ad when this watch was introduced : 1933 version cost us$2.69 1935 version price to us$2.95: About Ingersoll With the Walt Disney and Ingersoll partnership, Herman 'Key' Kamen, the sole representative of Disney merchandising, thrown the Mickey Mouse watch into the tunnel of the Great Depression during the thirties, the very first sold at Chicago World Fair on June 1933. And an adorating public had to follow him, buyng millions of that watches. One can track all the Mickey Mouse wristwatches issued by the three historicall brands strictly connected each other (Ingersoll ; US Time ; and now Timex if interested. Rebuilding the evolution of these models has been possible thank to the excellent site found to know more. It's also reknown that in 1933 Ingersoll was struggling to keep afloat and probably the arrival and the arrival of Mickey Mouse saved them by bankrupt.But in the late '30s, when the sale of the Mickey Mouse watches declined a bit, problems resurfaced. In 1942 was Thomas Olsen to step in : the Norvegian shipping magnate, who escaped the Nazi occupation moving in the United States, bought the majority of Ingersoll's shares, bringing vital oxygen to the company. Please stay tune and do let us know by ❤️ this if you like this watch. Thanks for following us we have also nice Rolex Omega Seiko etc. ~Sometime 🕰 Sometimes

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